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​​Create an Instant Surge of New Customers

​How to use social media & video - the RIGHT WAY - to launch your business today.

​​Create an Instant Surge of New Customers
​​Create an Instant Surge of New Customers

This Offer

Digital Network Marketing Training

7 Minute Retail Method

About the Offer

Discover How to Use the “7 Minute Retail Method“ to Create an Instant Surge of New Customers (and more team members)  Into YOUR Network Marketing Business...

Dear Friend, Would you like to consistently attract boatloads of super high-quality prospects… WITHOUT making phone calls, begging your friends or posting on social media around the clock? I’m talkin’ about people with credit card in hand, who are either itching to buy your product NOW… or are truly excited about joining your business… or BOTH! And would you like to do it FAST… literally with a push of a button? If the answer is a resounding YES, then you’re in luck. Because your're about to discover...

​How To Create An Explosion Of Sales In Your Business

​I know, it sounds like a big lofty over the top promise… but I assure you it’s NOT. And whether you’re brand spankin’ new… OR… been around awhile and maybe have struggled to get your business off the ground… OR… if you just want another way to make more sales… I’m going to show you how to kick the doors wide open and flood your business with more prospects, customers and team members than you’ve ever seen before. Now… Before I get into all the nitty-gritty details of this little-known, but wildly effective customer and sales generation strategy, let me introduce myself.

​My name is Ferny Ceballos. For over 10 years I’ve been coaching network marketers and home business entrepreneurs how to use the internet to get massive results and make money. You may have seen my revolutionary book Attraction Marketing Formula. Which has been read by Tens of Thousands of network marketers around the world. And has transformed this industry. Or maybe you’ve heard about the #1 online and social media recruiting event in the network marketing industry… No Excuses Summit. Which I co-found. Or you might even know some of my students. Many of whom have gone on to produce 6-Figure, 7-Figure and even 8-Figure incomes in network marketing, direct sales and digital marketing. ​You’re about to meet one of these superstars in just a minute.

​But first...

​I Want To Let You In On A Little Secret

One of the big reasons responsible for close to 20 Million Dollars in sales in my own home business… and OVER a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS when you add up what my students have done. And it’s this… I’m always on the lookout for the BEST business boosting strategies. Ways to find new customers and recruit new team members, using the very latest technology. And… this is a biggie… while most scratch their heads wondering whether something will work or not… I’m extremely quick to implement it… and see how can I further grow my business to get massive results. Because as you may have heard… Money loves speed. And those who keep their eyes open to new opportunities, and take fast action without hesitation, end up reaping big rewards. You see, while the vast majority of network marketers are bending over backwards to get someone to sign up for their auto ship… there are scores of new age digital network marketers who are enrolling people with ease. And they’re doing it…

  • ​Without having to make lists of friends and family.
  • ​Without dragging people to meetings.
  • Without doing home parties.
  • ​And without endlessly posting on Facebook about their product or business. (which usually doesn’t produce much.)

​So how are they able to sign up new customers, sponsor new people, and create record shattering results? By using the single greatest retailing and enrollment lever available today… and it’s available to you right now… for FREE! In fact, I believe this is…

​The BEST And The QUICKEST Way To Get New Retail Customers And Enroll New People Now

​​Do you know what that is? I’ll tell you. It’s video. Because that’s exactly where your prospects are hanging out right now, as you read this. Now get this… I recently saw it in Forbes magazine (one of the most credible business publications)… Over 500 million people (that’s half a BILLION) are watching video on Facebook every day. I’d say that’s pretty important to consider, if you want to use the internet to grow your network marketing business. Or any business for that matter. Because this is how your prospects, potential customers and future team members are spending their time now online… watching videos. Here’s what’s even more astonishing. By the year 2020 online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. That’s a pretty big slice of the internet and year 2020 is just around the corner.   And those who are on the bleeding edge of this trend, will ride this giant wave all the way to the bank.

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