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The Greatest Recruiting Shortcut In Network Marketing

Get endless stream of red-hot prospects, eager to sign-up and join your business today.

The Greatest Recruiting Shortcut In Network Marketing
The Greatest Recruiting Shortcut In Network Marketing

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How To Attract An Endless Stream Of Ready-To-Join Prospects... Starting Today

This one simple idea helped scores of struggling network marketers build ​massive teams and hit the top ranks… and you’re about to discover how to use this same secret to tap into an endless stream of red-hot prospects, eager to sign-up and join your ​team today.  If you hate prospecting, dealing with rejection and feel uneasy approaching people about your business…  If you’re sick and tired of copying and pasting opportunity messages and spamming your friends’ newsfeeds with product pics…

And yet want to build a huge team, make a big income, and create a lifestyle business that can take care of you for the rest of your life… this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.  Because inside you’ll discover how to sidestep years of ridiculous marketing tactics, like cold-calling, buying leads, posting flyers, putting stickers on your car or spamming the Internet… and instead use a…

Proven Blueprint Anyone Can Use To Build A Wildly Successful Business

I call it the greatest recruiting shortcut in the history of network marketing.  And if you’re serious about achieving massive levels of success, this revolutionary idea could literally change your life.  In fact…  I used this powerful strategy to go from complete failure in network marketing and drowning in debt to…

  • Sponsoring over 1,700 distributors into my business in less than 30 days.
  • Building my first million-dollar business in less than 18 months.
  • Launching five separate internet companies and generating over $50 million in sales.
  • Creating a ridiculous amount of financial and time freedom in my life.

And here’s the important part - I did all that WITHOUT having to do home and hotel meetings, cold calling, prospecting in malls, or chasing my warm market.  There was only one problem. I didn’t know how to properly teach this to my team, and therefore couldn’t duplicate my success.  I was getting huge results and rank advancing at lightning speed, but my team was still struggling.  Which brings me to...

The Most Exciting Part Of This Story...

One of my students used a similar strategy to explode his network marketing business.  Only (unlike me) he cracked the code to duplication, and helping his team get results.  He wrote a step-by-step playbook explaining the strategy in great detail. And would hand this playbook to every new person on his team.  As a result, his business experienced explosive growth, and his income skyrocketed.

 The revolutionary new idea revealed in that playbook was attraction marketing. Which was and still is the greatest recruiting shortcut in the history of network marketing.  Magnetic Sponsoring was an eye-opening look at a radically different way to build this business. Word got out fast, and people from other companies wanted to get their hands on it.

A short time later, Mike unleashed Magnetic Sponsoring to the industry, and we partnered up to turn that book into a multi-million dollar publishing company, ushering an entirely new industry called “Attraction Marketing.”

We’ve trained and coached hundreds of thousands of network marketers around the world. Helping many of them make 6-figures, 7-figures, and some even 8-figures a year.  People who once struggled and couldn’t sponsor a soul if their life depended on it… were now breaking company records, dominating leader boards, and getting big checks.  To say Magnetic Sponsoring was a game changer, would be an understatement.  It single-handedly revolutionized and transformed this entire industry. It literally changed the lives of countless network marketers around the globe. And it forever changed the way people recruit, sell and build their businesses.

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