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A token of Love

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

To you and I, it looks like a vase-full of weeds. To my sons, it is a token of love for their Mum. Master 8 doesn't often express his emotions but on the day this love gift was gathered and then given, I got a glimpse into his heart. He and his brother, Master 2, had been outside with their Dad playing. He would have picked these, with his Mother on his mind and would have encouraged his brother, possibly with the words "Let's pick them for Mummy". Later at the tea table he expressed disappointment that he had left them outside but I would really love the surprise they had collected. The next morning he was quick to go outside and gather them up. He bought them inside and lay them on the table,

saying "here Mum" then ran back off to get ready for school. I put them in a vase and onto the centre of our dining table (which is where all our special flowers go.) That night at tea, he turned to his Dad and said "Look Dad, she put my flowers in a vase". Love comes in all shapes and sizes. This week, every time I see these 'flowers' I see my sons love. I'll treasure that for everything the action meant to him. My heart is full. ❤️

📷credit - Rosanne

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this is soooooo coooool

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