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Are you feeling stuck in your Business?

Network Marketing can be a challenge! A hugely frustrating, and sometimes discouraging rollercoaster of a ride!!

I feel like a failure sometimes and I hate to admit it, BUT....

I have felt stuck in my business!

At times I have really struggled!

I’ve seen my friends quickly turn away as I approach, and can only assume it’s so they don’t have to hear about how awesome a product is or the amazing opportunity I’d like to present them.

I don’t want to be seen as the person that only sees dollar signs when talking to my mates rather than having them see a genuine heart that cares about their friendship.

In fact, I deliberately avoid talking about it with my friends and family to the point that for many years, most of them never even knew I was a consultant, and when it did happen to come up in conversation, I would stumble over my words and everything would come out wrong anyway.

Or in an attempt to not hassle them, would completely miss a queue that they were interested in buying something from me, and therefore still lose that sale.

Maybe it’s just me, but I knew there had to be another way to do this, but I had no idea how to reach anyone outside of my close circle of friends.

Oh I tried the party thing! I really enjoyed the socialising.

And I did meet some lovely new people and made some new friends.

But hassling the guests to book a party, even just to help the hostess, was not winning me any friends either.

And people stopped replying to my messages when I attempted a follow up.

So I started to search, to learn and listen to as many networking webinars as I could.

I signed up for trainings, and challenges and silently observed the way people interacted in different networking groups.

And while I watched, I posted my link on my wall, in countless facebook groups, on friends walls and anyway I saw an opportunity to do so.

I messaged people I didn't really know and sent them a script I had been given, in the hopes someone may buy from me or even better join my team, even though we had never chatted before.

I posted before and after photos and pictures of my product and even offered my $10 discount code.

But it didn’t help much more.

There had to be a better way!

I felt yuck, and really not authentic at all.

I didn't like this way at all, and I almost gave up on this business idea altogether.

And then I found it!!!

A friend introduced me to a training library and business marketing site that teaches how to use online tools, systems and strategies and leverage the online space and social media and it has been an absolute mind blowing learning for me.

2 months ago, I thought that a funnel was something you used in the kitchen.

A Blog was another foreign term, (although as a Mum of boys I did have an image forming).

SEO sounded like some sort of call for help and a CRM......???? I had no idea about that one.

Fast forward and I can now tell you, I have been learning that I can generate leads to my business without even mentioning my business.

I have discovered that a Funnel is really a tool that attracts the right people to my opportunity and not only are there done-for-you funnels, but I am learning how to make my own in just a few simple steps.

A CRM or Customer Referral Manager, is really easy to use and holds details about your prospects and manages and keeps record of the interaction.

I have been doing training on how to use Facebook and Instagram properly, how to create my own funnels, how to grow a fan base and attract people to me, how to write a story to have people reach out for more, and how to use some already done for me scripts to add to my emails and blog posts and even responses in Messenger.

And I have only just scratched the surface of all the training that’s on offer.

There is so much mind boggling info.

And for a busy Mum in Network Marketing, with not much of a business mind to draw on, I am valuing every bit of this training and tools.

So, how much did I pay to get access to this training that is literally changing the way I think about growing a business and giving me so many tools and resources?

Well originally, I registered for a FREE 10 day training series, just to check it out and see if it would do as it said.

Within the week I had gotten my first handful of leads for my Network Marketing business.

And I learned things I had never even dreamed possible.

I decided to invest further in my training and purchased one of the training manuals.

Within the next couple of weeks I had also earned myself a little commission as an affiliate member and my list of leads for my Network Marketing Business continued to grow.

Is it worth it?

I would say a HUGE yes.

But don’t take my word for it…. Have a look for yourself and register here for the free video training series.

The series will be sent straight to your inbox and you can start the training immediately.

Or if you just want to dive in and purchase the full Attraction Marketing Training Guide like I did, click here and take advantage of the limited time discounted price, Be ready to be blown away with a mammoth amount of resources and training, put it into action and then watch your business explode.

I hope to see you in our Facebook support community real soon.

I’m no one famous or special - I’m Just A Mummy wanting to grow her business, follow her dreams, provide for her family and create a little financial freedom.

If I can do it, anyone can!!!!

Where will you be a year from now?

The 10 day video training series may be just what you've been needing to start seeing results in your Business.

💕 Rosanne


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