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Life Lessons from my 4 year old!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Diary entry 18/9/18

Today marked the end of an era in our house.

I know…. I’ve been there before. Today wasn’t the first time I grieved the very last story session at the town library….. but this time, I know that it was my last day of taking my ‘baby’ to the under 5’s session.

You see, my baby is not so much a baby anymore, and after the school holidays he will be starting the next step in his life journey as he heads off to ‘big boy school’.

His 2 days a week of kindy is something I have been secretly looking forward to of late, as the constant entertaining and catering to his increasing imagination and craving for learning & doing has become more challenging.

However, today as we were sitting together reading the story books (and since we were a little early today there was more time and we were able to read more than the usual number), I began to realise that deep down, I may not have been as heart prepared as I thought I was for this stage in our life to be over.

With each new special book he retrieved from the special book trolley (which for some reason today he chose all the books that had buttons to press that made loads of sounds), the joy that lit up his face, grew.

Undoubtedly he was loving spending time with his Mum. He laughed at the reaction he was given as he presented me with the next ‘noisy’ book to read. He giggled as each character in the book was represented with a different voice to match and although there was noise all around from the other Mummies & Daddies & Grandparents, for that moment, he was totally caught up in our own little story-telling world.

As he snuggled in closer and lay his head on my shoulder, it prompted me yet again to treasure these times and not take these moments for granted.

So while I’m sitting there feeling content that I am growing and stimulating his mind through the reading of books, he in fact, is teaching me the heart stuff and that more important in life is the relationships and time and love that is invested.

When my life lessons are delivered in such a cute and adorable package, I say bring it on!

I love him dearly.


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