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Mum Guilt

Some days my toddler just drives me crazy!!

Yesterday was a perfect example. He didn't get what he wanted on our way to school, and so spent the 15 minute return trip home in the midst of a tantrum, and continued it from his bedroom once we finally arrived home. He heard in my voice how displeased I was with his behaviour.

Later that day, he emptied all the toys from his playroom, on to the floor, creating yet another lengthy clean up process that was filled with a great deal of expressed frustration on my part.

So by the time it came to lunch time, and he had gotten his own cup and the water jug from the fridge, climbed up on the chair so he could reach the table, and proceeded to pour it himself. I bet you can imagine just how I was feeling when I turned to discover his efforts, and that rather than having the water land in his cup, was in fact spreading across the table, over his clothing and forming a puddle on the floor.

It was one of those days!!!

After cleaning up yet another mess, this toddler of mine reached out to me, gave me a little cuddle, said 'Love you Mum' and then asked when of his favourite questions.... "Mummy Happy?"

My heart just melted. And talk about Mum Guilt!!! I had been, spending my day being upset with the choices and outcomes from this precious little boy, and here he was unconditionally loving me and caring how I was.

Mum guilt comes in all sorts of packages for me. I quite often hide myself in the bathroom to grab a few moments by myself only to find my boy waiting for me to play with him again.

Or the frequent use of the phrase "Not now Mate, Mummy is busy doing .......". Or the times where I just want to sit and scroll through social media or enjoy my cuppa while it's hot and he is just waiting for me to join him on the Playstation or drive the train around the track.

Amanda from 'Messy Motherhood' has written a great little article on the whole Mum Guilt thing. You can read it here.

Mumma's, it's ok to have your 'Moments' to feel a frustration over a seemingly never ending amount of work caused be your little one. Or to need to find yourself some peace and quiet at the risk of missing out a little of his life. But if I can offer one piece of advice, even though it may sound a little strange, 'Treasure every moment!' Even the difficult ones. One day he won't ask to play trains, or be travelling in the car with you making noises from the back seat. And one day he just may not throw his arms around you and say 'I love you! Mummy Happy?'

Mumma.... You've got this!!!!!


📷 credit - unknown

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