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Mummy Fail Moment!!!!

From my diary....

July 26 2017

While helping the 8yr old with his homework this afternoon I realised that the 2yr old was playing a little too quietly and decided to investigate. 2 yr old met me in the hallway displaying his hands and gibbering something to me about 'Jordy room'. I asked him to show me, which he quite proudly did. He pointed out the work he had done..... dog in corner of 17 Yr old sisters bedroom on a cushion, covered in white string stuff with an empty liquid correction dispenser on the floor beside it. An opened bottle of self-tanning cream was laying on the shelf and the dog had some strange looking substance underneath all the string which had clearly been carefully painted into her hairy coat. 2 yr old was quickly dismissed to his bedroom to await further discussion while Mum dealt with the situation. And..... we all know what dogs do when wet and goopy don't we??!!!!

I'm thankful for the 15 yr old for washing dog, 8yr old helping clean walls, floor and bed.

Not sure how to tell 17yr old when she returns home from work.

Tomorrow we shall find just how tanned our dog has become. 😳😱

📷 credit - H Betts

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